How do I register for classes

After submitting an admission application, new TCC students must register to attend New Student Orientation. During orientation, students meet with an advisor and register for classes. Continuing TCC students can register for classes through TCC Passport. 

TCC students register for classes through TCC Passport during their designated registration window, provided they do not have any registration holds.

Registration Instructions

  1. Log on to TCC Passport link located at the upper right of the homepage at
  2. Select either private or public computer. Note:  Select private computer to avoid being signed out after a few minutes.  Make sure to sign out and close the browser when you finish using TCC Passport.
  3. Click My Schedule at the top of the page.
  4. Scroll to the far right and click Credit Registration.
  5. Choose the appropriate term using the drop-down arrow and then click Select Term.
  6. Scroll down to the class search screen and type in the Course Id and Number.
  7. Click on the red Search Now button see all of the available classes from your educational plan.
  8. To add a class, click the Reference Number (RefNum) button located to the left of the Course Id.
  9. After you have added all of your classes, click the red Register Now button.
  10. If there are no error messages, click the View/Print Schedule and Fees button.  NOTE: Your schedule is not finalized until you click View/Print Schedule and Fees, and see the fee payment amount.  
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